You Are Worthy

You Are Worthy

by Robert Overstreet | October 11, 2013

thingswillchange__uptothewindofemotionYour life experiences (struggles and challenges) gives you a stronger understanding and respect for the great life you deserve.

Feel ashamed of your past? Forgive yourself. Making bad decision does not make you a bad person. Admitting your bad choices and owning up to them means you are growing and can be proud of yourself. Some are your choices and some are your environment. Let your past be your guide as to how NOT to live your life.

“Use your life experiences as stepping stones, not tombstones.” Robert Overstreet

ACCEPT it, OWN it, and MOVE on.

What DO you want your life to be? List your “DO WANTS”:

Take your energy and time spent on creating your own problems and the negative aspect of your life and refocus on the positive. Instead of saying, thinking and feeling what you do NOT want from life. Say what you DO want.

Change your words, thoughts, and feelings.

Old thinking: I don’t want to hang around with the same group of people they cause me to get into trouble.
New thinking: I DO WANT a new group of friends who support each other and help each other succeed.

Old thinking: I do not want a man/woman who cheats, lies, etc.
New thinking: I DO WANT a man/woman who is faithful, loving, communicates, etc.


Everyone can change his or her life. Growing up we are surrounded by people who do what they know. They mean well, however, it keeps us stuck in the same routine with the same type of people. In order to move beyond your current growth level, find the group of people who are living the life you want.

“If you’re not growing, uproot yourself from your current friends and replant yourself with new friends where the soil is fertile.” Robert Overstreet

REACH out, BE receptive, and BE respectful:

REACH out: Find a mentor or mentors. Reaching out requires meeting people where they are, and being willing to meet them at least half way. Numerous people are willing to help you, as long as you are helping yourself and proving that you genuinely desire by putting forth the effort and hard work to grow.

Example: In order to learn basketball, you would not go to a hospital and have nurses mentor you about basketball. Go to the people who know and go with a positive, open attitude.

Be receptive: when your mentor(s) are teaching you, listen intently and follow thru. NO excuses!!! Some of their advice may work for you and some may not. Try it and adjust what works for you. It will all be valuable.

BE respectful: speak with kindness to everyone, and show appreciation to all people.

“Thank you” – two words small in size, powerful when spoken from the heart. When and to whom did you thank last?” Robert Overstreet

You CAN change; you DO deserve and are designed to be blessed.

Thru the power of your mind, you have the ability to make the best decisions to live a happy and successful life.

Positive Living