Vacation 2014

Vacation 2014

by Robert Overstreet

8 days, 5 days, 3000 miles, an outstanding trip and a lot packed in a short period of time.

Inspiring, fun, full of positive energy, hard work, tiring, friendships, family.

Wealthy_Supporters_Augusta_GAWealthy_Friends_Augusta_GAIt is Always a blessing to support my friend and brother Billionaire of Wealthy Minds because the positive impact he is having on young lives and adults, which is powerful. He and his team are world changers.  Also, I meet more inspirational people and make great friends. Reconnected with Mia, made new friends Himyo and DeAndre. Met some amazing kids. 

Andre_and_AlabamaRobFinally meet Andre, his wife and family in person. A beautiful family. It was an adventure connecting with them, definitely glad I did. Blessed to call them friends. It is possible to make friends thru social media. I have made several, talking with several over the phone. Billionaire was the first, and Andre and his family are the first family I met in person. I consider myself blessed to have all these good friends. 

20140624_113730Spent time with family helping my 90 yo grandmother move into assisted living. She says it’s temporary. She told me to carry her things back in the house as quick as they were carrying them out of the house. Told her I couldn’t do that. I may have been added to her list of troublemakers.​ Love her too much and I have faith she will do fine. 

Internal selfie – I learned from DeAndre, the credit belongs to a 14 yo.- Write down what your experienced during your during and your feelings and thoughts. I think of it like an extended form of a diary. It’s more than what you did. It’s what you learned from what you did. 

What I learned on this trip. The value of relationships. There are numerous types of relationships, all the way from strangers or barely knowing another person to friends you consider brothers/sisters.

Strangers: Most people will return kindness when you initiate it. Many people have kindness to give, today’s world has placed a caution sticker over their heart. Help restore faith, hope, and love in humanity one heart at a time. Next time you see someone you know or don’t know be the first to speak, say hi and how are you and most often they will speak in kind. At minimum you will receive a smile. 

Friends you trust, always support you, and appreciate all you do for them, you are willing to go the extra mile to support them. That is why I drove the 5 hours to support Billionaire. The impact he is having on young lives and adults alike is a positive ripple effect on the world. 

Family: the ones who showed up to help my grandma lived the farthest. Cousins that lived closer came to the party, ate the free food and cake. Accept that which you have no control. It is up to each of us to do what is on our heart, mind, and soul that is right for us. We’re responsible only four ourselves.

Overall, it was a strengthening of existing relationships, creating new relationships. and a practice in kindness to all people my path crossed on the roads and in the hotels.