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Zo Williams “Voice of Reason” Show Replays

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May 13, 
Community Empowerment Segment ( The Modern day Human Slave Trade! An intriguing look into the world of modern day slavery! with guests Comedian Lunelle, ActorBobb’e J. Thompson, Gary Anthony Williams AKA Uncle Ruckus, Jes Richardson, CSI star Alimi Ballard, AIDS Activist Phill Wilson, Actress Vanessa Williams, and Dr. Lekeisha Sumner. Commercial free. Running time 01:35:09
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May 6, 2014
Zo’s nephew gets railroaded by Arizona law enforcement, community empowerment segment, The Gold Digger’s Insurance Policy: How to date a millionaire 101 with guests Authors Linda Gross and Bobby Glanton-Smith. Commercial free. Running time 01:49:51
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April 15, 2014
Zo’s book selections and community empowerment segment (, The Pro life Or Pro Choice Show Where Do You Stand and Why? How many Abortions Are Simply Too many? with guests Veronica Conway and Author Bobby Glanton-Smith. Commercial free. Running time 01:46:27
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April 1, 2014
Zo’s  community empowerment segment (docren), The Beauty Industrial Complex: Can a woman’s self-esteem be found in her make-up kit? with guest Veronica Conway on the phone. Commercial free. Running time 01:51:02
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March 18, 
Zo’s community empowerment segment (ramomart), Diet women VS. REAL WOMEN: societies effect on today’s Black Women in America! with guests Veronica Conway and Author Tonee Morton. Commercial free. Running time 01:44:42
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March 11, 2014
Who rapes the rapist: a sobering look into what it takes to fully recover from sexual assault, unraveling the mysteries of femininity and Zo grades the ladies’ truth. Commercial free. Running time 01:46:58
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February 25, 2014
GENDER WARS: a woman’s perspective on how society is ATTACKING MANHOOD!! Does the world still need a feminist movement? Has feminist beliefs pussified an entire generation of men, if so in what ways? From a woman’s perspective do you BELIEVE that Masculinity is under social attack? Join Zo, Margo, Brandi, and Whitney along with guest the “Men’s Advocate” DT Linda Gross as they discuss feminism in America. Running time 01:52:14
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February 18, 2014
The Voice Of Reason show is resurrected on RMCONLIVE.COM, The Dawn of the Side Chick: A deeper look into society’s fascination with the emerging relationship status of side chick; with guests Whitney Taber, Brandi Magee, and Margo Hudson. Commercial free. Running time 1:45:32
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   Audio replays of Zo Williams “Voice of Reason” from Foxxhole are available at (Zo Williams Voice of Reason)

   The following are a few shows from Zo’s days at Foxxhole. After you listen and like these, check out the rest. 

Zo Williams Voice Of Reason 07.19.2012

Dick Management 101: Is masculinity out of control with Zo’s 15 year old son in studio. Commercial free. Running time 01:33:55
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Zo Williams Voice Of Reason 06.21.2012

In Order To Fix Our Families, We Must First Fix Our Women. Guests Tina Farris, Filmmaker/Activist Tim Alexander and Researcher/Writer Setu. Commercial free. Running time 01:40:22
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Zo Williams Voice Of Reason 06.14.2012

The Relationship Password: a deeper look into trust, technology, privacy, intimacy and our personal space. Callers chime in with stories where technology brought forth embarrassment and conflict in their relationships. Commercial free. Running time 01:47:31
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Zo Williams Voice Of Reason 05.31.2012

The Black Man’s Guide For Escaping The Legal Matrix: How to keep our young black men out of jail. Guests Author/Judge William L. Dawson and Author Manny Phillips. Commercial free. Running time 01:47:19
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Zo Williams Voice Of Reason 05.03.2012

The Daddy/Daughter Dynamic: A deeper look into the impact of the father/daughter relationship. Guests John Price, Author Queen Afua & Lewis Dix. Commercial free. Running time 01:48:44
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