The Billionaire P.A.

About The Billionaire P.A.

The Billionaire P.A.The Billionaire P.A. is an amazing young man who pulled his way up from a life of crime, negativity and selfishness. When  Billionaire P.A. became homeless, he knew something had to give. He started talking with God and knew in his heart their was more in life and he could do better. During this time of being homeless, he starting writing quotes of inspiration for himself and sticking them to the roof of his truck.

He was able to  save enough money to create his first t-shirt with one of his positive messages. He stood on the street corner and sold his first shirt, then another, and another. The thought that people would actually support him inspired him even more. He created more shirts with positive messages. The more positive energy he shared, the more came back to him. This inspired him to dedicate his life of motivating others.

He continues to live his passion of inspiration by giving motivational speeches to all ages, inspiring many lives, and has a goal to touch a billion lives. He now has his own website to sell his shirts and is very creative in other ways to inspire and motivate.

  • Empowering youth to speak their dreams.
  • Teaching youth and adults about the power of positive living.
  • Traveling the country and soon the world to speak to youth and adults.

Billionaire P.A.

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Billionaire P.A.’s Music

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Speak Your Dream into Existence with me.

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“Sponsor A Kid’s Dream is when a customer or corporation sponsors any amount of money to Wealthy Minds Clothing. Once we receive the sponsorship amount we give that exact amount of Wealthy Minds Clothing products to kids/youth at one of Billionaire P.A.’s motivational productions. The child will stand and speak their dreams into existence and receive a “I SPEAK DREAMS INTO EXISTENCE” shirt to inspire them to pursue their dreams. Customer(s)/Client(s) are pretty much purchasing products to give to youth that do not have the funds to pay for our clothing.

For example, you sponsor $100 and we, Wealthy Minds gives 4 kids a Wealthy Minds “I SPEAK DREAMS INTO EXISTENCE” shirt.”

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Tenets for a Wealthy Mind

After hearing The Billionaire P.A. speak, I was inspired to create the following Tenets, based on his message he is sharing with the world.

The “Tenets for a Wealthy Mind” was created so I can carry with the message of a Wealthy Mind with me. Then, I learned it is an easy way to share the message with others. I carry copies and hand out so that others may have a reminder of also. Print and share.