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Mental and Physical Exhaustion

Mental and Physical Exhaustion

By Robert Overstreet | 11 January 2014

Do you ever have a feeling of wanting to isolate yourself from the world? Not quite depressed, just needing to get away from everything and release tension? The least little thing that does not go right, easily set you off?

Between the months of January – March, I find myself in a state of blah. Not quite depressed, just wanting no contact with people for a few days. The first time it came on (my 20s) I was so emotionally exhausted from working full time, partying full time, hanging out with friends, and not giving my body the time it needed to rest, I had no emotional strength to get out of bed. This was the only time it was that severe and I did visit my doctor, of which he prescribed depression medication.  I was so emotionally exhausted, I could not go with my friends to New Orleans for the New Year’s Party.

Fortunately, my mental exhaustion has been mild most of the years following. And it does not hit me every year.

What I learned: being on the go constantly, working hard and playing hard, will exhaust my mind and body. My body, tells me…ENOUGH!!! Take time to relax AND mental exhaustion forces me to do so.

Behavior: When I start to become more exhausted, I do not think clearly and start to make less than intelligent life decisions. My behavior becomes erratic and I make poor decisions.

Added Stress: Any added stress pushes me to the ledge. I become more quick tempered and jumpy at the slightest little thing.

How to get back to “normal”:

No prescription: I would strongly recommend, making sure you are eat balanced food, refrain from overeating, moderate exercise (I hate exercise, I do walk), and plenty of sleep. On occasion, I do take a generic “PM” pill to take the edge off and help me sleep.

Anti-Depressant medication: Only as a last resort, would I recommend anti-depressant medication, there are numerous side effects. Sometimes, our body needs that extra push in the right direction.

Our mind controls our body, we are quick to maintain our body, yet, we are quick to judge people on medication for their mind. Our whole system is to be respected and maintained. God gave us these bodies and it is the only one we have.

I pray you do not ever have the feeling of mental exhaustion, if you do, I pray something in this blog may be of benefit to you.

God bless everyone.

Be kind to all.

Positive Living

New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

By Robert Overstreet | 04 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Do you make “new year resolutions”? If so, what are your reasons for making “new year resolutions”?

Is it out of guilt about not living a life that is more responsible and respective of yourself? We all fall short and can do better.

Any time during the year, we can making new resolutions that will improve our life.

A new calendar year provides us all the opportunity to evaluate our lives, regardless if we make new resolutions or not. If we are not genuinely ready to make the changes in our life, then, we will be more successful if we wait to make the resolutions.

How to be more successful with your follow thru on resolutions.

  1. Make a list of things you want to change “new resolutions”.
  2. Develop a plan for each resolution.
  3. Separate each resolution into its own category of easiest to implement (incorporate into your life so it feels like a “normal” part of your day) and maintain.

Implement each resolution one at a time.

Slowly, thru ought the year, incorporate each resolution into your life.

Trying to make all your changes at once can be overwhelming and frustrating. Once you have integrated the first resolution into your life and your life is feeling “normal” with the new resolution, implement the next one.

It is ok to stop a resolution if it is not working just right. The action plan may need adjusting. As long as you are moving forward, you are moving and to be commended. We are all a work in progress. 

May you discover the person you want to be and are meant to be. 

“Turn your past experiences into stepping stones and not tombstones.” Robert Overstreet

God bless you today and every day forward!

Positive Living

Partying with Friends in New Orleans

Partying with Friends in New Orleans

By Robert Overstreet | 27 December 2013

Going out with friends New Year’s Eve and / or going to be in a crowd?

A lesson I learned from years ago “back in the day before mobile phones” set a designated place to meet if you get separated and store the location in your phone’s map as a favorite. If you become separated from your friends, send a text to your friend(s) that you are headed to the meeting place. Once there, stay put until everyone shows up.

Three times, I have celebrated New Year’s in New Orleans.

First Trip to New Orleans: I went by myself and met friends who lived there. We became separated; I ended up friending a local, and he gave me a place to stay for the night. Then, I reconnected with friends the next morning. I took a taxi to their house.

Second Trip to New Orleans: I went with a group of friends and we all stayed in a hotel 15 miles from the French Quarter. There was so much activity and people headed to the French Quarter New Year’s Eve that it took over 1 hour to get a taxi to the hotel. There were several people from the hotel waiting for a taxi; we shared the taxi with other people. It was close to 11:00p when we made it to the French Quarter.

Third Trip to New Orleans: I went with a group of friends and we all stayed in a hotel on Canal Street at the end of Bourbon Street. The total cost was the same as staying out a distance and taking a taxi. Being separated was not a concern, we all wondered back to the hotel when we became tired and all worked out well.

Technology: I wish we had texting when I was in my 20s. We have it now and I am thankful for technology. It is easy to stay in contact with your friends. 

Overall, it was quite fun:  I wish everyone the opportunity to make happy memories in their youth that they can look back up on and smile. Of course, in having fun we all do a few things that are not completely wise. However, looking back now I can say those were teachable moments.

As we progress through our 20s, 30s, 40s, and now 50s, we look at life differently.

If you look at life the same in your 50s as in your 20s, you are not growing.

I give thanks for surviving my foolish times and being able to share my stories (minus gritty details).

Whatever your party plans (or no party plans) be safe and have a Happy New Year!!!

Positive Living

5 L’s of a Successful Life

5 L’s of a Successful Life

By Robert Overstreet | 27 September 2013


1.  Lord: Protects, guides, and loves me unconditionally.

a.  Have faith in the Lord: Know that what you ask may not be what you “need” or “need right now”. It is God’s timing. I pray for the strength, support, and guidance to endure and learn from my challenges (lessons placed before me) so that I will continue to grow into a better person.
b.  Have faith in yourself with the challenges / struggles placed before you; you, with faith in the lord will endure and come out stronger on the other side.

c. Continue to work hard where you are; be kind, positive, and respectful.
d. “You can never have too much Faith.” Billionaire P.A.

2.  Love: Love with an open heart and open mind and most importantly, unconditionally. I have met amazing and interesting people in this world.

3.  Learn to:

a. ..become a better person.
b.  use the love in your open heart and mind to, always be willing to talk with anyone. “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” People may dress in a different style than you would choose for yourself; they are every bit as valuable as everyone else is. We learn by receiving from people, books, etc. of different information and backgrounds. Step outside of your comfort zone and learn new things.

Everyone has a story. You will be surprised what a person’s background is and their life experiences. You cannot tell by appearance. One of their life experiences may cause you to rethink one of your behaviors or reevaluate how you look at something in your life.

c.  challenge your thought processes and knowledge.

4.  Laugh:

a.  Laugh heartily and often, Humor is relaxing and reduces stress.
b.  When you can laugh at yourself your ego no longer controls you..

5.  Live: with passion and purpose. Live life to the fullest. Live with so much gratitude in your heart, it bursts thru your face in the form of a smile. Embrace and enjoy everything and everyone who comes across your path.

Best things in life are free. Worldly possessions are temporary happiness. Let your happiness come from within. When you no longer desire anything and appreciate what you have, you will feel peace.

When was the last time you were so quiet, you felt your heart beat?

a.  Enjoy the simple things.
b.  Count your blessings.
c.  Spend time in the beauty of God’s creation.

i.  Take a walk or take a drive thru the back roads. (No camping required) Drive far enough out of the city to a back woods location
ii.  When I take a road trip, I drive state highways and venture down country roads, which is a great way to see god’s country. Use your GPS to navigate to a state park, lake, campground, or marina. I have stumbled upon some secluded quiet spots overlooking a lake.
iii.  Put the technical devices away, breathe in slowly, exhale slowly, walk around, and / or sit down, and listen to your heart. Enjoy the beauty of God’s creation and feel the connection with the universe.

d.  Enjoy all the good times life brings. Enjoy and embrace all the “ups and downs” of life; every experience in front of you is for the opportunity for your soul to grow. Embrace the downs because the downs make you stronger and provide you a greater appreciation for the up times.

Summary: Have faith in the Lord and yourself, Love everyone, Learn from everyone and every opportunity, Laugh at yourself and refrain from taking life too seriously and finally, Live in connection with God’s creation for us. Feel your heartbeat and know that we are all connected. 

Positive Living

5 P’s of a Successful Life

By Robert Overstreet | 20 September 2013

PositivethoughtsandactionsSuccessful people have learned that living a life not passion and purpose filled leads to a life that is less than fulfilling. And not up to your potential. In addition, you are less than energized to work hard. It takes a team of people to help fulfill your passion and purpose. When you are not up to your best, you attract less than the best people in your life.

1.  Passion: Find your Passion; what excites you? What motivates you? What is your dream? Your dream is as valuable as everyone else’s’ dream. What do you truly want to do with your life? If you could live your life every day doing something of your choice AND receive a paycheck for doing what you love, what would your choice be?

2.  Purpose: Live your Purpose; thru your passion, listen to your inner voice, your heart and your soul. This will guide you towards your purpose. What do you want the results of your Passion to be?

3.  Plan: Make a Plan. Successful people know it takes hard work and discipline to live your passion. Now that you know what motivates you, and what you want to do, what is your plan to get you where you want to be? Does you plan require a different educational skill set? Do you need more training? Do you need to relocate to another part of the country / world? Be willing to make the changes and steps necessary to achieve living your passion.

a.  FAITH: whatever and wherever you passion requires, have faith in yourself that you CAN and WILL achieve.

b.  HARD WORK: when you live your passion, something that you love and enjoy, it is not work. To another person it may look like hard work, to you it is the simple joy and pleasure and motivation for getting up every day.

c.  EXECUTE: once you know your passion and your purpose, you MUST develop a plan and EXECUTE a plan to achieve your DREAMS and GOALS.

4.  Positive Mindset: Live with a Positive Mindset. Whatever your passion, purpose, and plan, always accept challenges, including your failures, gracefully and with a positive mindset. Have faith in God and believe in yourself. Failures are a part of being successful, take time to learn from your failures and they will become stepping-stones to your successes.

5.  People: Live with a giving spirit and put other people first. We are all in this world together and we all fly higher as when we help each other. Appreciate and most importantly tell and show people you appreciate them. More people will be willing to help you in return.

a.  We have no idea of a person’s background and if we knew, we would have a better understanding as to why they react the way they do. Judge less, listen and empathize more.

b.  Your 5 best friends will determine where you will be in the future. Do they support your growth? Do they uplift you? Evaluate the people you spend time with and make any adjustments necessary with people in your life. Want to fly higher, surround yourself with people who are flying higher than you are and are living the 5 P’s.

Summary: Having a passion and purpose without a plan is like driving a car without a steering wheel. A Plan is valuable so you will be able to achieve living your passion. Success comes with many failures along the way. Having faith in God and yourself keeps you strong. Believing in yourself, and saying YES I CAN and YES I WILL is very important keeping you focused. Treat all people with kindness and respect. You will be surprised how many good people are in the world and that want to see you succeed. Invest in other people without expectation of them helping you and you will be amazed how much in return you will receive.

Positive Living

Childhood Friendships

Childhood Friendships

By Robert Overstreet | September 13, 2013

“You are not obligated to continue a childhood friendship all thru adulthood. You will grow by lettering go.” Robert Overstreet

There are a few people who are lifetime friendships. Those are icing on the cake of life. The friends we have that do not last a lifetime are just as important and valuable. The fun part about our life’s journey is meeting people along the way. Some become friends, others become acquaintances, others are interesting encounters. Each of us has our own path and journey.

My 20s was a time of learning more who I am and finding my place in this world. 20s friendships tend to be a bit fluid and that’s ok.  Into my 30s and 40s I became more secure in who I am and my place in this world. Now, in my 50s, I have friends who have found their place and comfortable with who they are. Friendships in my older years are more stable and last longer.

When your friendship becomes a challenge and it is difficult to work thru problems, it is time to evaluate where each of you are on your life’s journey. It is okay and mature to accept that your journey together has reached its natural course. Accept the reality, wish your friend well, and let them move on.

Take the time to listen to each person you meet. Treasure the information they provide. Everyone who enters our life, as our life enters other people’s lives, have something to offer. These are life experiences for us to laugh, learn and grow.

Positive Living

How to Get Along with a Sibling’s Spouse

By Robert Overstreet | September 6, 2013

How do you get along with a sibling’s spouse who you do not trust and who does not like you?

It is very challenging: mentally, emotionally, and exhausting. You have to learn what you cannot control and what you can control.

You cannot control:

  • Your sibling’s marriage choice. It is your siblings’ choice and path in life, be respectful.
  • How your sibling’s spouse feels about you. You can only control your feelings: be the bigger person and speak kindly to the spouse.

You can control:

  • Your interaction with the spouse. Keep interaction to a minimum to reduce the chance for friction and confrontation.
  • Your relationship with your sibling. Regardless of your feelings towards their spouse, this is your sibling. Do not cut them off or be angry with them because they are involved with someone of which you have issues.
  • Your relationship with their children (if they have children). Children deserve love and respect from everyone. Be involved with the kids; do not drag them into your problems.

If it were up to my sibling’s spouse, I would not be in their lives at all. Thankfully, they had kids and I am close with the kids. I only go around when the kids are there.

When interacting with your sibling, do so, when the spouse is not around or thru phone, text, email, etc. Alternatively, meet them somewhere other than their house.

If your relationship with your sibling becomes strained, keep in mind, some of the issues may be with your siblings’ spouse and not your sibling. Meet them where they are in life, accept the situation for what it is. As long as your sibling is willing to have a relationship with you, be thankful and stay polite and respectful.

Ultimately, keep contact with the spouse at a minimum; always stay polite, kind, and respectful. If anything starts to escalate, be willing to stop the conversation and walk away.

Stress Management

Anger in today’s Society

by Robert Overstreet | May 06, 2013

This article contains my beliefs on the real cause of anger among youths and adults (especially men) and my recommended solution.

Why have I written this article on a positive living site?

  • This article is on my positive living site because I believe anger strongly relates to our youth growing up in a negative environment. Kids are crying out because they are angry and frustrated. The media has provided a large medium for our youth to get attention. Our children are crying, we need to listen, provide them the help and tools they need to better their future and all those around them.

Every life is valuable and deserves to be safe from harm and to live with kindness, dignity, and respect.

Our right to bear arms.

I do believe in the right to bear arms. I believe in gun safety and responsibility.

I do not believe there is any reason the average citizen needs an assault rifle. The average citizen does not need access to high capacity clips.

I am fine with a national registry. We can improve and enforce gun laws. I believe we need to strengthen the straw purchase laws. If you buy a gun for someone you know could not or should not have one, it should be a felony with very strong penalties.

I don’t own a gun and have no desire to own and gun. I respect and I will protect your right to own a gun.

Until we start eliminating the real cause for anger, I believe we need to make it difficult for our angered and frustrated youth to gain access to weapons that can kill themselves and many lives in a short amount of time.

I believe we have a behavior problem with youth that has stemmed from the negative environment in which they are being raised.

How I have formed this belief.

  • Life experiences
  • Listening to Zo Williams (Voice of Reason), his guests and many callers have provided me with a better understanding about all the different relationships from their personal experiences of how they were raised and the communities in which they grew up.

The issue that caught my attention the most, listening to  Zo Williams and his guests and callers, has been how boys today are being raised without a positive male role model / influence, a living example to show them how to treat themselves, women and other people with kindness, dignity, and respect. Kids can be told what to do and how to behave, however, the best you can do for a child is to provide them a living example of how to treat yourself with dignity and respect, and how to treat others with dignity and respect.

Solution: Zo is doing a fantastic job of teaching us adults how we go from broken relationships to repaired relationships. We first need to fix ourselves. Fixing ourselves means we must learn our current behaviors so we can correct our behavior. Correcting our behavior and becoming better people allows us to become a living example of what to do and how to treat others which our children can follow.

Damaged home. A lot of men and boys today have anger and I believe it is a result of the damaged home they are from. We need to focus on repairing our homes. By repair, I mean creating a home, regardless of single or married households, where everyone in the home treats each other with kindness, dignity, and respect. Too many men have grown up and are growing up without a father. Boys need a positive male role model.

Being raised in a positive environment. I was fortunate to grow up in a positive environment. My father was a living example of how to treat yourself and others with kindness, dignity, and respect. My uncle, on occasion, found himself between jobs and would call my dad for support. My dad would see him through and help him so he would not be on the street. My dad was devoted to family and believed family was there to support each other. This is where I learned about empathy and helping others. I was raised with self worth and that I mattered. And that ALL lives are to be valued. I watched my parents show respect for themselves and all people they came in contact with. My dad would pick up hitchhikers; he stopped to help a college age girl with a flat tire. My dad's example of conduct helped me learn how to deal with anger and frustration. Many young boys AND girls do not have living examples of behavior.

An angry teenager. (Negative energy) Twenty plus years ago, I had a 15 year old waiting on my doorstep when I got home from work. His parents gave him every material thing he wanted. They did not spend any time with him. One of his class assignments was to write something good about his life. He looked at me and said he could not come up with anything. That broke my heart. He took me into his bedroom and showed me where he had punched holes in his walls. There was no punishment for the holes in his walls. He had no parental structure or parental involvement. This kid had lots of anger. If I would have heard his name on the news for shooting up his school, I would not have been surprised. The saddest part of all, his mother was a psychologist. He felt total isolation. He was not in any trouble with the law. He was a good kid at heart who was in a lot of pain.

I believe we have children in today's society who are hurting and angry because they have parents who are not present. We have youth you are lacking parent(s) support and involvement (they are not putting their children first; the parents themselves are damaged and are passing along their damage to their children). These damaged parents are not providing their kids a safe place to fall. We count on our family to be a place of comfort and support and to shield us from the rest of the world. Too much pressure and responsibility is being put on kids today because their parents are too concerned about their own life and in some cases, arguing with all of their exes. Some damaged adults are punishing their ex by not letting them see their child. While hurting the ex, they are creating damage to their child by not letting them see their father.

Ultimately, I do not believe our problem with anger is the cause of guns. I believe it is an effect of a much larger problem. I believe the cause is damaged households. I believe we have damaged households bringing up damaged kids. Too many kids today are not being told and shown they are valuable, and to value themselves. And they are not be taught and shown self worth. They also do not have good examples of how to respect others because all the adults in their lives are not showing respect and kindness to other adults. When you don't value your own life, you won't value another person's life.

Everyone needs to know they have value, self worth, and know that they have someone to count on for support and guidance.
If you felt like no one cared about you and you had no support structure, how would this make you feel?

Somewhere along the way, some adults have become disconnected and into a negative mindset.

Stress: We all feed off of each other's energy. Due to many reasons in today's society; the economy, the wars, job,, etc. outside stress is being brought into the home and adding to the stress within the home. Children feel your stress. It is good for all of us to learn how to manage stress. Stress does and will exist in our lives, it is a matter of managing stress appropriately. Aim for a calm and peaceful household. It is ok to ask for outside help.


I believe in our youth and that given the opportunity, they will do better once they know better. They need a support structure and to know they are valued, that they are loved, they have a safe place to fall, and they will be heard.


Zo Williams is helping reach adults to understand their behavior and to dig deep within themselves to learn and better their behavior. Before you can change your behavior, you must know your behavior.

Billionaire P.A is empowering our youth by teaching them the power of their mind. Billionaire P.A. is a living example of living in a negative environment and changing his mindset to positive. He has been on both sides and he lives what he speaks.

I believe as we continue to guide our children into a positive mindset, that they will bless themselves, us, and future generations with positive and powerful benefits. They will be involved with their children by being living examples of kindness, respect, and dignity to themselves and others.

This is why I support Zo Williams, and Billionaire P.A.​ and all the other family members on my site. They have the tools and the passion to help us ALL improve ourselves, our children, and our society.

​I strongly support ALL people empowering our youth.  Our youth deserve a strong happy successful life. As adults we have a responsibility to guide them in the right direction.

Once, we realize we all already have the tools to live positive within us, the world of opportunities and blessing opens wide.

Thank you for reading this whole article. I am a citizen who loves, cares and values everyone in society. I respect everyone's thoughts and opinions.

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Till We Meet Again

Robert Overstreet 6 April 2013

This week has been very challenging. Losing a loved one, human or pet is never easy, especially when it is unexpected.  My faith always stays strong. My beliefs are being tested to their full extent.  I believe our souls are here on this earth for a purpose and when that purpose is done, we transition to our heavenly home. Based on my belief, Tipp’s purpose here was complete. I am struggling to accept and understand Tipp’s purpose was complete. I feel selfish for wanting him here still.

I raised Tipp from 3months of age. He was my child. We both grew up together. He grew physically and I grew spiritually. As a new cat owner (I had not had cats since I was a child), I tried all the cat training methods. The one I found to work was telling him “STOP” (NO, never really took hold…LOL), then, I turned and walked, making sure he did not touch or rub against me. Tipp was a very loving cat; he was a giver of love and loved to be loved. Withholding affection hurt his pride. I always praised him for good behavior. Magically, he blossomed into a very well behaved cat. And Tipp was very intelligent. I will miss his turning the touch lamp on with his nose. He would turn it to the middle setting. And if I did not get up when he thought I should, he would go to the lamp and turn it on bright. This, he did on many occasions; I quickly learned it was no accident. Tipp was easy to love. He was the only cat I have known that traveled in the car with ease. He would curl up in the back seat or on the back floor and sleep.

One of the worst days of my life and Debbie was there to support us both.  It is in times of crisis, we learn who our true friends are. Debbie was at the emergency clinic in minutes and held me and Tipp and comforted us both.  I will be forever grateful to Debbie for being there when I had to sign the papers to have Tipp put to sleep. You know you love deeply, when you are able to sign papers so your loved one will no longer suffer.  I have the best friends. All my other friends have been supportive since day one and continue to be. And I know will be there as I progress through my grief. Thanks to Tipp, I connected with a whole new group of friends who are all open hearted and open minded and giving souls. Thank you, I love you all, and appreciate you all.

The best way I know to help ease the pain from Tipp’s passing, is to share with the world what he taught me about life. Over time, I will share in detail about the lessons I learned and how I grew spiritually from Tipp’s gentle loving and giving soul. He was very patient with me. He was assertive when he wanted something, never ever showed anger or bad behavior when I told him to wait.

A few of what Tipp taught me:

  • Unconditional love
  • Patience
  • Loyalty
  • Strength
  • Courage
  • Stand tall in who you are
  • Be kind
  • You can be in charge without being aggressive

I am thankful for every minute Tipp and I were in each other’s lives. He will always live within my heart.

R.I.P. my sweet Tipp
Till we met again at the Rainbow Bridge
Your Loving Father


by Robert Overstreet
This week my lesson was faith. I'm looking at a furlough and 20 reduction in pay for several months. I am blessed with a great career. This is temporary and I will still be employed. As a co worker said,  "I can do 20 percent temporary versus 0 percent permanent." And despite the temporary reduction in pay, I will still be very doing very well.

I have faith in myself that I will be fine. And I am looking at the lesson the Lord is putting forth. I believe my lesson will teach me how blessed I truly am. This will make me appreciate even more how much I have and to continue to remember everyone else to continue to support those who are wanting a helping hand. That my hand is available.

Because of my faith and looking at life positively, I know that everything will be fine. BE positive LIVE positive, FEEL positive. "You can never have too much faith". Billionaire P.A.

Buy #TooMuchFaith by Wealthy Minds on Purchase "Too Much Faith" on iTunes or Purchase "Too Much Faith" on Google Play

Positive Living

Pets Make a House a Home

by Robert Overstreet
This past week I had a very heart wrenching moment. I learned how strong my sweet Lexie is. She had been losing weight the past several months and thanks to my Vet, we found the cause, a tumor. The thought of losing my cat under normal life expectancy is bad enough,  the last thing I want is to see her suffer from any illness.  Lexie has provided the most unconditional love without expecting anything in return.   My vet, removed the tumor and my sweet Lexie's appetite has returned. Her appetite has been very healthy.  Lexie has remained calm the whole time.  Even the past few months, the worst behavior change was she would hide.  She has never lashed out. Lashing out is not in either of my cats nature.  Weight loss and behavior change of hiding were the indicators something was wrong.  We pray that the tumor is benign and nothing else is going on.  Lexie has taught me how to be calm in the midst of a storm. 

The past 11 years I've been blessed with two of the most sweetest and laid back cats.  Animals make a house a home.  They fill it with laughter, unconditional love, and most importantly help smooth out the edges on the roughest of days.  Pets could care less what your day was like, all they ask is for a warm bed, food, water, shelter and love. In return you will receive unconditional love.  Priceless!!