Stop Bullying

Stop Bullying

By Robert Overstreet | November 08, 2013

Are their more bullies these days: Both Kids and Adult?

Whether or not there are more, why do bullies exist and how do we stop them? Realistically, I believe bullies will always be around due to the nature of the human psyche. I do believe we have the ability and responsibility as individuals and as groups to reduce the number of bullies, as well as, the power and influence over our lives.

Kids with Bad Parents:

Parents Responsibility: I believe the ability to reduce bullying begins in the home. Parents need to be involved with their children’s lives and know their children’s behavior. Parents should teach their kids, thru verbal instruction and most importantly, thru example how TO treat other people with kindness and respect.

What I believe happens in the home, is kids are instructed to NOT behave in a certain way and then watch their parents treat other people thru bullying, anger, and violence. Kids most often live by example.

Kids that bully and whose parents, who are not guiding them properly, the parents need to be held accountable. Reach out to the parents, give them guidance and the opportunity to do better. If the parents do better, great, if not, let us find a way, to hold them accountable (e.g., fine, few days in jail, etc.) find something that sticks with them.

Kids with Good Parents:

Kids Responsibility:  The kids receiving proper guidance, instruction, and example in the home, need to stand together and form a united front with the bulled kid. The bully will back down; the bully will still have a bully mentality. The kids also need to report to an authority figure, provide them a name. The authority figure then should be legally responsible (same as faculty is required to report suspected child abuse), this is exactly what it is, child abuse.


I give credit and KUDOS to ALL who have and are involved with programs to educate and inform and reduce the bullying amongst our kids. Many kids, schools, and parents are making a difference. To those, I am proud and thank you all to continue to stand up for what is right.

Schools: It is great that schools have brought in people with great programs on bullying. Sadly, some of these began because of a bullied child who took their own life. Kudos to the parent for creating a positive legacy of their child by designing a program to stop the bullying.

Personal Experience:

Bullies pick on those they perceive as weaker than them; they find kids who will not fight back. My parents instructed me to not start anything, if someone started something with me, be willing to stand up and push back. It happened twice, after the second time, they realized I was not going be pushed around and they stopped. I was fortunate and that was many years ago. Parents were more involved and kids were not as disrespectful with authority figures. They also knew my parents and my parents would come down hard and follow thru with protecting me.

The Cause: 

Lack of proper parental guidance: I believe more kids are frustrated emotionally, not receiving the love and support at home and are taking it out on anyone they can find who will not stand up for themselves. They do not feel valued and when you do not value yourself, you will not value anyone else.

Adult Bullies:

Work Environment: Hold them accountable legally because they are creating a hostile work environment. Stand up to your supervisor and take it as far as you need. There are laws to protect you from a hostile work environment.

Personal Life: People will treat you with what you allow. Draw the line the first time, and if they continue to bully and disrespect you, show that person the exit. There are people who will treat you with respect. You must respect yourself first and hold yourself to a higher standard.

We all are Responsible:

We all have a responsibility to learn from each other and respect our differences. We do not have to understand or agree with another person’s values, appearance, etc. to show them kindness and respect. Deep down we all want the same things from life. When we look at another person’s life, we only see above ground, we do not see the roots.

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