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6 Expert-Approved Tips For Raising Happy, Healthy Puppies 

by Farah Al-Khojai | September 26, 2017

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The New Dog Microchipping Laws: What you Need to Know

February 22, 2016


What is microchipping?
Did you know that 8.5 million families in the UK have at least one dog?*    Read More 

So what is the new legislation?
Three years ago the UK Government introduced plans to change the way we ‘register’ our pets. On April 6th, that new legislation is coming into practice. From this date forward, every dog in England, Scotland and Wales will be required by law to be microchipped.   Read More 

Why is the new legislation being implemented?
“The introduction of the new microchipping regulations will help educate the dog owning population of the importance of not only microchipping but the essential supporting registration on a microchip database. We know there is a vast amount of misunderstanding about the procedure but now that it is going to be a legal requirement we have the opportunity to improve this knowledge, increase the number of microchipped dogs and ultimately bring more lost pets home.” – Beverley Campbell, Anibase.   Read More 

What do you need to do as a dog owner?
To get ready for the new legislation you will need to have your dog microchipped before the 6th April 2016 if they are 8 weeks or older. If your dog is found not to be microchipped after this time, you’ll be given 21 day to have the procedure done.   Read More 

Frequently asked questions about microchipping
  Read More 

In summary…
The new dog microchipping law is a good thing. It’s something that many animal welfare organisations have been campaigning a number of years for. Getting your dog microchipped is quick, painless and affordable (even free at selected subsidised clinics), and it’s the best chance you have at being reunited with your beloved pet should they ever go missing.

It’s also something the government has been planning for a number of years to help reduce cost burdens on the taxpayer and aid with the prosecutions of those who neglect or abuse dogs.   Read More