Passage of Time

Passage of Time

By Robert Overstreet | November 23, 2013

Time passes very quickly, especially as we get older and take on more responsibility as adults. As one senior citizen told me when I was 17, “Young man, don’t rush growing up, because each year will go by faster than the next.” Fast-forward 34 years…


Make the most of every minute, every age is to be cherished (for all of us, from birth to end of life).


Especially when children are involved.  Focus on this moment and every stage of your children(s) life. They grow up quickly. You can make more money after you spend it, you can NOT make more time after you spend it. Focus on this moment right NOW and make it your best.

Live life so when you reach the end of life, you have no regrets, and your memories put a smile on your face.

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