Partying with Friends in New Orleans

Partying with Friends in New Orleans

By Robert Overstreet | 27 December 2013

Going out with friends New Year’s Eve and / or going to be in a crowd?

A lesson I learned from years ago “back in the day before mobile phones” set a designated place to meet if you get separated and store the location in your phone’s map as a favorite. If you become separated from your friends, send a text to your friend(s) that you are headed to the meeting place. Once there, stay put until everyone shows up.

Three times, I have celebrated New Year’s in New Orleans.

First Trip to New Orleans: I went by myself and met friends who lived there. We became separated; I ended up friending a local, and he gave me a place to stay for the night. Then, I reconnected with friends the next morning. I took a taxi to their house.

Second Trip to New Orleans: I went with a group of friends and we all stayed in a hotel 15 miles from the French Quarter. There was so much activity and people headed to the French Quarter New Year’s Eve that it took over 1 hour to get a taxi to the hotel. There were several people from the hotel waiting for a taxi; we shared the taxi with other people. It was close to 11:00p when we made it to the French Quarter.

Third Trip to New Orleans: I went with a group of friends and we all stayed in a hotel on Canal Street at the end of Bourbon Street. The total cost was the same as staying out a distance and taking a taxi. Being separated was not a concern, we all wondered back to the hotel when we became tired and all worked out well.

Technology: I wish we had texting when I was in my 20s. We have it now and I am thankful for technology. It is easy to stay in contact with your friends. 

Overall, it was quite fun:  I wish everyone the opportunity to make happy memories in their youth that they can look back up on and smile. Of course, in having fun we all do a few things that are not completely wise. However, looking back now I can say those were teachable moments.

As we progress through our 20s, 30s, 40s, and now 50s, we look at life differently.

If you look at life the same in your 50s as in your 20s, you are not growing.

I give thanks for surviving my foolish times and being able to share my stories (minus gritty details).

Whatever your party plans (or no party plans) be safe and have a Happy New Year!!!

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