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Robert Overstreet – Founder 

Profile_Go_DeeperLiving life with positive energy, gratitude, open mind, open heart, kindness and respect. Supporter of good people doing good works and supporter of inspirational people empowering all people of the world to live a better life. The Dream I Speak into Existence is…

to live a life of positivity, that is an example and inspiration to others.

to promote the message of motivational and inspirational people.

to connect the world with Inspiring people.

Recent Life Discovery: Whatever age and whatever stage you are in life, you can begin something new for your life. The past two years, I have connected with wonderful people. Zo Williams (Radio Personality, “Voice of Reason”, “The Zo What? Morning Show”, and Life Coach) on his radio show and thru Zo’s show, I met The Billionaire P.A. These two men helped me grow into be a better person and live a more positive life. Helping to look within myself and to reach my potential. They helped me find my spark in life again. Thanks to Zo and Billionaire, I have a renewed passion. My friends have even commented on my spark and passion. Thank you Zo Williams and The Billionaire P.A. Background: In my 50 years on this earth, I have taken my Dad’s lessons of paying it forward. I am very grateful for having a father who supported me in all my good and bad. Between my dad and Jesus, they kept me on track. When I tried to pay him back, he told me to be aware of people in need and help them. I thank my father for teaching me to extend a hand to those in need. Born and raised in the Midwest, My parents were hardworking people who raised me to respect others, be kind, and do my best at whatever I chose to do. The way they raised me gave me self-esteem. I was very blessed to have parents that raised me with love, positivity, warmth, and acceptance. I am blessed to have extended family that is loving and kind. My grandparents had few material possessions in this world, yet, they made up for it in their generosity, love, and genuine caring for fellow beings. My Grandma’s house was drafty in the winter, the love and laughter from the house with the family together made up for the draft.

e-mail: inspiringpeopletoknow@gmail.com