Being healthy in mind goes hand in hand with being healthy in body.

The adage, “garbage in, garbage out” is so true.  When we surround ourselves with negative people, we will be lead to negative energy in mind, body and spirit. The same is true with our food.  When we surround ourselves with unhealthy foods, we will become unhealthy with diseases and depression. We promote a healthy mind and a healthy body to make a complete healthy being.  We are all at different stages within our journey.  There is much to learn on a daily basis.  We look forward to assisting you and working together in our journey. Are you ready to surround yourself with positive, healthy people and foods to elevate your life to a higher level?  We are!

Contributions from Chawla VanDross
  • “Organic Food is not only nutritious, but will save you a lot of money on groceries as long as you are not overeating….” Great tips on “How to Save Money With Organic Eating“.

  • When I feed my family Organic food, I also incorporate Gluten Free and Wheat free foods into my cooking. Sometimes we even go Dairy…Read and learn more “Gluten Free Products and Online Stores“.


Contributions from Terron and Tiffany Hill
  • Is there any better place to start with good health, than with a child?  Head on over to My Healthy Baby and let them guide you on proper nutrition for your sweet bundle of joy. 

Recommended Nutritional Books

Recommended Nutritional Books – This is the beginning of a list of books to help guide you in eating more natural to be a healthier you.

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