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my_healthy_babyMy Healthy baby
is a limited liability company located in Northern California. The sole purpose is to start from the beginning, with healthy eating habits. My Healthy baby is made fresh when ordered and delivered straight to your door. All foods are natural with no additives, sugar, salt, preservatives, and/or filters.

About Us

My Healthy baby understands the decreasing amount of time available that parents have to spend with their children due to the current need of both mom and dad working to provide a comfortable and stable home. My Healthy baby is focused on making nutritious eating easier for your child. Starting from the beginning will help your child develop healthy eating habits they will carry with them throughout life, decreasing the chance of developing diseases. Plus, your children will love the taste. 


My Healthy Baby delivers fresh made baby food, straight to your door Services provided for the following businesses and events:

  • Child cares
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Birthday parties
  • Baby showers

Now accepting the following:

  • EBT
  • WIC
  • Food Stamps
Biography of “My Healthy Baby”

My Healthy Baby LLC, began in 2009 with the dream of a healthier world for our children and families that extends around the world. The founder, Terron Hill, is a U.S. Navy Veteran that understands the need for a healthy lifestyle. His military training and discipline prepared him to fulfill his dream of being a voice that motivates and encourages people around the world. The concept is simple: Start from the beginning! It’s just that simple. If we start from the beginning with eating healthy and making wiser choices with our health and our children’s health then this world will be a better place. My Healthy Baby is a company that takes pride in using only fruits and vegetables straight from the earth, with no additives or preservatives, and then delivered straight to your door.  When we preserve all of the nutrients of our food(s), our bodies will be able to function and naturally heal itself just as Mother Nature intended it to do. So if you would like to go back to the basics and start fresh, then My Healthy Baby is the way to go. So without further due, introducing, My Healthy Baby, Start From The Beginning.

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