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mia_carey_profile Mia L. Carey, age 32, is an Author and the Founder of iC.A.R.E.  In 2012, Mia left the corporate arena in order to follow her true passions and dreams.  She published her first work, Listen to My Heart Speak, an inspirational poetry journal for teenage girls and founded iC.A.R.E, a non-profit mentoring program for youth. As an enthusiastic and natural leader, Mia has a knack for connecting with young people. Since childhood, Mia had a desire to encourage others. She has persevered from personal life lessons and is inspired to equip youth today with the wisdom to do the same.  Mia volunteers at local schools to motivate young people to care, through the emphasis of the four “care traits” (character, accountability, respect, esteem).  Mia also fuels her passion through the partnership with organizations such as, The ChampFit Kids Foundation, Girls Inc. and the Boys and Girls Club.  Through her creative writing and current philanthropic efforts, she strives to intensify this effort. Mia has twelve years of corporate experience in multiple roles. She has a refined understanding of leadership, operations, project management, and is an expert in building effective relationships.  Mia holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, from Kennesaw State University. She currently resides outside of Atlanta with her husband, Brad Hubbert, and son, Tyler.

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Phone (770) 865-8545                   email: mia@icareyouth.org Website: www.miacarey.com

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iCARE – Youth Mentoring Initiative



Our mission is to inspire and motivate young people to care about their current and future endeavors. We equip young people with enhanced knowledge, experiences, and resources to achieve excellence. iCARE creates an emotional connection and instills the four core traits that will enable youth to build effective relationships and succeed in life.


Founded in 2012 by Mia Carey and Mahlon Carey, iCARE is a non-profit organization based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Through our community involvement, we began to notice an apathetic “who cares” mentality amongst the younger generation. During an informal conversation, we vented about the “kids these days” and realized we were speaking as if they were a lost cause. Since we both have a passion for inspiring youth and to make a difference, we developed a mission to provide a solution for the change that we want to see. Our determination began with the formation of a list of values that we both “care” the most about. As we discussed our core values, we noticed these attributes are pillars of success for most accomplished individuals. These critical four traits: Character, Accountability, Respect, and Esteem are the building blocks for the iCARE program.

“C .A. R. E.  C U R R I C U L U M”

We visit local schools to encourage young people to C.A.R.E. In addition, iCARE hosts a monthly “care curriculum” to mentor, inspire and uplift pre-teens and teens ages 8-17. The care curriculum is an informative, interactive and inspirational one hour workshop held within the Atlanta Metro area. We center the curriculum on the four “C.A.R.E Traits” in order to provide young people with the inspiration to think broader, reach higher, and dream bigger.

  • Character – Resolve on who you are, take a stand, and make good choices
  • Accountability – Doing the right thing and cultivating responsibility
  • Respect – Self and Community
  • Esteem – Create a positive esteem for self and others

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