Mental and Physical Exhaustion

Mental and Physical Exhaustion

By Robert Overstreet | 11 January 2014

Do you ever have a feeling of wanting to isolate yourself from the world? Not quite depressed, just needing to get away from everything and release tension? The least little thing that does not go right, easily set you off?

Between the months of January – March, I find myself in a state of blah. Not quite depressed, just wanting no contact with people for a few days. The first time it came on (my 20s) I was so emotionally exhausted from working full time, partying full time, hanging out with friends, and not giving my body the time it needed to rest, I had no emotional strength to get out of bed. This was the only time it was that severe and I did visit my doctor, of which he prescribed depression medication.  I was so emotionally exhausted, I could not go with my friends to New Orleans for the New Year’s Party.

Fortunately, my mental exhaustion has been mild most of the years following. And it does not hit me every year.

What I learned: being on the go constantly, working hard and playing hard, will exhaust my mind and body. My body, tells me…ENOUGH!!! Take time to relax AND mental exhaustion forces me to do so.

Behavior: When I start to become more exhausted, I do not think clearly and start to make less than intelligent life decisions. My behavior becomes erratic and I make poor decisions.

Added Stress: Any added stress pushes me to the ledge. I become more quick tempered and jumpy at the slightest little thing.

How to get back to “normal”:

No prescription: I would strongly recommend, making sure you are eat balanced food, refrain from overeating, moderate exercise (I hate exercise, I do walk), and plenty of sleep. On occasion, I do take a generic “PM” pill to take the edge off and help me sleep.

Anti-Depressant medication: Only as a last resort, would I recommend anti-depressant medication, there are numerous side effects. Sometimes, our body needs that extra push in the right direction.

Our mind controls our body, we are quick to maintain our body, yet, we are quick to judge people on medication for their mind. Our whole system is to be respected and maintained. God gave us these bodies and it is the only one we have.

I pray you do not ever have the feeling of mental exhaustion, if you do, I pray something in this blog may be of benefit to you.

God bless everyone.

Be kind to all.

Positive Living