It is All in Your Head

It is All in Your Head

by Robert Overstreet | November 01, 2013

Thru ought my life, I have heard the phrase many times from different people, and in joking, “It’s all in your head”. I now have a greater understanding and believe this to be true.

“What we think we become”.

We live our lives with thoughts in our head and we have to ask ourselves, when and where did these thoughts come from? Are they true? Do we believe them to be true because we have told ourselves the same story repeatedly? Are we living our best life? If we are not living our best life, it is because these thoughts and beliefs are not serving us in a manner in which supports us well.

Our words, thoughts, and beliefs have brought into our lives our current experiences.

We have the ability to change the direction of travel (our journey) in this life: by “CHOICE”, change our words, thoughts, and beliefs.

How do we change our words, thoughts, and beliefs?

Changing our words, thoughts, and beliefs requires us to become vulnerable.

Once we realize and accept we can have, and be where we want when we choose the best words, thoughts, and beliefs for our own self, we will choose growth over fear. Becoming vulnerable requires us to step outside our comfort zone and meet the opposites of our beliefs.

Start thinking what we DO want from life. Believe in ourselves that we CAN and DO deserve and learn and understand your beliefs.

Summary: You are where you are in life because of “what’s in your head” (your thoughts, words, and beliefs). To live your best life, you must change your thoughts, words, and beliefs, and doing so requires vulnerability. Step outside of your comfort zone, meet the opposite of your beliefs head on, and challenge all the thoughts you have in your head. Learn why you believe what you do. Change what is necessary to grow and live your best life.

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