How to Save Money with Organic Eating

Ways My Family Saves Money with Organic Eating

by Chawla VanDross

Organic Food is not only nutritious, but will save you a lot of money on groceries as long as you are not overeating. Overeating is the #1 reason Organic food can cost a family as much as $200.00 over the monthly food budget. That is not to deter you from switching, but it’s a truth that my family has quickly realized when switching from Non-Organic to Organic. Here are a few tips that my family uses while eating organic.

  • Make a weekly menu for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Don’t forget to include snacks in your menu. Fruits and Vegetables are not only the cheaper option to processed snacks; it also lasts longer in the home. In my home apples, grapes, and citrus fruits lasts the longest. Banana’s only last 2 days, so I buy more of the fruits and vegetables that last longer in my home.
  • Make a budget for Organic food. Make one for fruit and vegetables, and then one for meats. Organic Meat can cost just as much as non-organic meat. Definitely something my family really enjoys, especially my husband, but we eat it no more than 2 – 3x’s a week because of the cost. It’s not a bad thing; it forces my family to eat a lot healthier.
  • Look for sales when shopping for Organic food. Also Farmer’s Markets are a great way to save on Fruits and Vegetables. Also it’s a great way to get to know where your food comes from and who is growing your food. Also you can end up with some of the best deals when dealing directly with local farmers.
  • Try new vegetables and fruits that are on sale (ask a produce manager or the Farmer at the Farmer’s Market about ways to prepare and/or cook your new vegetables and/or fruit.
Ways My family Introduces New Fruits and Vegetables into Our Home

by Chawla VanDross

  • Fruits – make a fruit salad or a Smoothie. It’s great for breakfast or snacks. Yummy!
  • Soup – a great way to introduce new vegetables into your diet.
  • Casserole – adding vegetables in casseroles are a great way to add them to dinner. Also you can cut them up into little pieces for the pickiest little eaters.

These tips have helped us to make an easy switch from Non-Organic to Organic Foods. I started our transition slowly, and these tips have helped us tremendously, even 2 years later.

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