Negative Energy in the Workplace

Negative Energy in the Workplace

by Robert Overstreet | March 24, 2013

How to Minimize Impact of Negative Energy in the Work Place

How does Handling Negative Energy in the Workplace apply to living a positive life?

  • By learning how to stay on your own kind, respectful path and keeping from being drawn into the negative power grid of others, you will more respected and well liked. People living within the positive power grid will navigate towards you and support you in your work load.

It is great advice to spend time with people who support you and lift you up to reach your potential. However, in the real world, we will run into negative people and may work with some in our job or place of employment. I’ve learned to stay positive around negative people/energy and not get dragged into negative rants and conversations. It is challenging to stay positive in these situations.

Keep your personal conversations short with negative people.  Anything you say to a negative person will be turned to a negative point of view. Once you feel the negative energy, excuse yourself to the restroom or use your phone as an excuse to return a call or text. Sometimes you may want to say “I got to go” and walk away… take a 5 minute walk.  You truly need to go and get away from the negative energy.

Sometimes people can be mostly fine and enter a space of negativity when stressed. When these people are in a good energy place, and only when a conversation naturally starts, I take the opportunity to teach them how I respond and react to certain situations and teach them to look at issues from another person’s point of view.

Everyone is on their own path and journey in life. We may have a lack of understanding of their journey thru negativity, it is their journey. Maybe we are to learn from them how to remain positive, kind, and respectful. You are a beautiful person. Stay on your kind, respectful, and positive path.

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