By Robert Overstreet | 18 January 2014

This has been a full, productive, and interesting week.

I am blessed with a good career. The work load has been feast or famine most of the time I have had this job. Starting right before Christmas and into now, it proves to be feast times again.

When you love what you do for a living and get paid for it, life becomes even more of a blessing and happiness comes your way.

Yes, happiness is an attitude, and I choose to be happy and find the happiness and positive side of things in life. However, one of my lessons in life I am still working, is working with negative people. In my personal life, it is easy because I choose who to be around. In the office, negative people can make the day exhausting. Fortunately, the project I am working, the people I am working with are all good energy people. I avoid negative people when possible. Negative people will try to monopolize your time if you let them.

I make an effort to avoid without being rude to negative people in the office. There is one who will wait till the end of the day and if you let her will ruin what was a great day for you. Working with negative people is challenging.

Try to say as little as possible. Avoid any interaction as possible and if you do have to interact, make it as short as possible. One of my pet peeves is liars and as much as I would like to call them out, they know they are lying and will not change their lie to a truth when caught. It is wasted breath. I do admit to calling racists out and I have called liars out.

I am too blessed and thankful for health, job (career), and the good positive people of friends and in the office to let the negative ones get me down.

When life throws you stones, make milestone.

Positive Living