Gift Giving

Gift Giving

By Robert Overstreet | December 7, 2013

Never feel obligated to give a gift you cannot afford. Gift giving to people we love is a beautiful thing. People who love you will understand and appreciate a gift closer to your heart, and one that you can afford, whether it is from a fancy box store or handmade or somewhere in between.

Giving more than you can afford places your mind in a negative place and you are sending negative energy with the gift to the receiver. We are all one human race, and connected in this world thru energy and the energy that surrounds you plays a very important part in how your life will play out.

Giving the best gifts require you to truly know the person; their likes, dislikes, their passion, what currently is going on in their life. Find a gift that helps promote their passion or a gift that will make their life better.

A simple “Thank You and Appreciation”: I always appreciate a hand written note or card that simply says, “I love you, appreciate you, thank you for all you have done for me.” Something that comes from the heart. When thanking a person or giving a compliment, be specific, tell the person why you are appreciative of them, and give an example of something they have done for you that touched you emotionally.

When the gift comes from the heart, the gift is the right size.

Gifts are an expression of loving and appreciation.

Happy Gift Giving.

Have Very Merry Christmas and Holiday Season.

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