Inspiring People to Know

“Inspiring People to Know”
who help us master the Power of Nutrition


Welcome “My Healthy Baby” as the first family in this new section.

The sole purpose is to start from the beginning, with healthy eating habits. My Healthy baby is made fresh when ordered and delivered straight to your door. All foods are natural with no additives, sugar, salt, preservatives, and/or filters.

Starting from the beginning will help your child develop healthy eating habits they will carry with them throughout life, decreasing the chance of developing diseases.

Being healthy in mind goes hand in hand with being healthy in body.

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“Inspiring Artists to Know”
Musicians with pure Hearts and Souls

We are proud to support artists who are motivating and inspiring people to live their best lives.

♦ Corey Strong
♦ Dee-1 Music
♦ Terron Hill
Billionaire P.A.

“Inspiring People to Know”
who help us master the Power of Our Mind
The Billionaire P.A.

The Billionaire P.A.

– Empowering youth and adults to speak their dreams.
– Teaching youth and adults about the power of positive living.
– Traveling the country and soon the world speaking to youth and adults.
– Has a book of 366 very inspirational quotes about to be published.

– Has three singles available for download

Watch Billionaire’s Documentary –  My Rising Tide Presents: Billionaire P.A.

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Cary Hokama

Cary Hokama was born in Tokyo, Japan and grew up in Los Angeles, CA.

After spending 8 years as the lead singer of a rock band, Cary decided to nationally televise his wedding on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Today, Cary builds champions and his mantra is simple: To help others create an inspiring life worth sharing, regardless of their circumstances.

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Dr. Mark Goulston

drmarkgoulston_profile“Need to get through to someone today? Mark is an articulate intuitive. He knows that what people at every level of a company or organization don’t say often determines their behavior more than what they do say. More importantly, he directly addresses this elephant in the room in a non-threatening way that opens the road to change, growth and breakthrough results.”    – Warren Bennis, Chairman of The Leadership Institute at USC.    Read More  

Mia Carey

mia_carey_profileMia L. Carey, age 32, is an Author and the Founder of iC.A.R.E.  In 2012, Mia left the corporate arena in order to follow her true passions and dreams.  She published her first work, Listen to My Heart Speak, an inspirational poetry journal for teenage girls and founded iC.A.R.E, a non-profit mentoring program for youth. As an enthusiastic and natural leader, Mia has a knack for connecting with young people. Learn more about Mia how we can support her and her great works.   Read More   

Tim Wise

Tim-Wise-profileTim Wise, whom scholar and philosopher Cornel West calls, “A vanilla brother in the tradition of (abolitionist) John Brown,” is among the nation’s most prominent antiracist essayists and educators. He has spent the past 20 years speaking to audiences in all 50 states, on over 1000 college and high school campuses, at hundreds of professional and academic conferences, and to community groups across the nation. He has also lectured internationally, in Canada and Bermuda, and has trained corporate, government, law enforcement and medical industry professionals on methods for dismantling racism in their institutions.    Read More

Zo Williams

RamomartThe Zo Williams morning show takes the best of your traditional morning show, and adds a little spice with deeper topics, along with outrageous comedy! No topic worth its weight will be able hide from Zo & companies keen eye and balanced perspective. Backed by today’s hottest music, breaking news stories, and much more, the Zo Williams morning show is the worlds best example of can’t miss radio!  Read More   

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