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Let us pull together and support the black community. All dollars from all communities are welcome.

Every show, Zo Williams promotes black owned businesses. Keep black dollars within the community. There are many hard working brothers and sisters running their own business who deserve our support.


Do you know someone who has a small and awesome small business and is in need of some FREE air promotions?

If so, Zo Williams, would like to give and highlight INTERESTING, inventive and amazing small minority business owners a chance to expose their upstart Business to his audience.

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  Body Art

Studio Seven Design  Tattoos

Studio Seven Design
305 E. 13th St.
Cincinnati OH 45202

FRI – SAT: 12PM – 11PM



 Hip Hop Hands – “Somewhere in the atmosphere it’s agreed the value of a culture is only as good as its preservation.  Truth, wisdom and artifacts are currency and must be safeguarded, or the rich foundation of a culture’s history will be fragmented and carelessly lost.  The purpose of the Hip Hop Hands Foundation is to protect and Preserve Hip Hop’s Elders and their legacies.” Read More 

 Clothing / Accessories

Afro Babyz – “Alicia Mullings is a London based Fashion Designer. Alicia’s aim is ‘To Empower People by them recieving positive imagery into their psychy through fashion and her Fabric Prints’.”    Read More  

The Aria Rose Collection, established February 2015.

Who We Are… We are a husband & wife team providing you with intricately designed, culturally unique leather goods. We believe beauty radiates from within, and our handbags are the perfect complement for that. Be Beautiful!

What We Do... We design and produce four collections each year: Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter. Our best styles stay in the line, and we’ll add & subtract some others based on demand, trend, leather availability and other factors. Our styles are unique, and some are even one-of-a-kind!!

Benson Watch – “The Benson Watch Company was founded on the principle, that time should be spent doing what you love. Our timepieces are mere reminders of this belief. Our vision is to encourage the masses to take control of their time and spend it in pursuit of their passions. The watch is metaphoric in the sense that it gives our message some perspective.”

Big Ole Pretty Girls – Big Ole Pretty Girls is your premier online fashion boutique.  We showcase fashions for every woman of today.  Our line of clothing is custom designed to your unique body shape.  From t-shirts to high fashion, we can get you fitted for all occasions.

BlackSeeds – Bracelets, coffee

Conscious Enterprises – T-Shirts and accessories
 – Mission Statement –  To raise the consciousness and spirit of all those persons of AFRICAN descent in America, worldwide and ALL people of color (known as HUEmanity).

Hiploose – “Hiploose Custom Clothing is the premiere bespoke clothing provider for men and women. We specialize in designing and crafting custom tailored suits and shirts.” (clothing)

IPE Clothing – “Established in 2014, Ipe (pronounced ee-pay) emerged from the minds of Chubs 217 and Dr. G out of a need to develop socially conscious lifestyle products grounded in the communities from which they gathered their inspiration to be artists and agents of change.

 – Ipe’s goal is Rooted In Peace, and is committed to always striving for peace in our own lives and the communities that we represent.     Read More  

Kenneth Boggs Suits – “Order With Confidence Because We Will Always Make It Right.
The measurement process only takes about ten minutes using our instructional printouts or videos. We then put your 12 measurements through a proprietary system of fitting algorithms to produce the perfect fit for you. Whether you order a Slim, Tailored or Traditional fitting item, our system leverages decades of experience and literally tens of thousands of successful fittings so you can order with confidence.
Then we ship it. Free. Directly to you.At Kenneth Boggs, we ship any order over $150 for free and deliver it to you in just 4 weeks.”


White_Black_EfaE-Mens-480x480Moor Gold Clothing Co. – “Moor Gold Clothing Co. goes beyond the fabric to encourage individuals to live life as royalty. We focus on inspiring Kings & Queens from around the world through positivity. It is our belief that by focusing on positivity, we become empowered.  Thoughts become things. Therefore, if we view ourselves as royalty, our actions will soon follow that same mindset.”   Read More  

LFANT NYC – “We started in 2004, designing a unique collection of cut-n-sew pieces. As a New York-based clothing line we incorporate the culture and style of the city into our mix well constructed garment. We are a mirror of past and present. Over the past three years our collection has evolved to become a well-edited assortment of contemporary, traditional and vintage pieces made in New York City.”   Read More  

Nuwbia Apparel – Welcome to our NUWBIA online shop. We offer some of the finest in African themed apparel and art you’ll find worldwide.

Pan African Designs and Apparel – “Pan African Designs and Apparel is a African owned apparel and design company founded in 2011 with the vision of using African kemetic art and information to unify, employ and educate African people globally.

We sell women’s, men’s and childrens apparel with our signature logo being that of the Pan African colored Heru falcon our products include t-shirts,v-necks, hoodies,cadet fleeces, Heru collared shirts,women Heru tennis dresses,women’s jogging suits with or without hoodie, Pan African/U.N.I.A. flags with or without the Heru falcon, custom Pan African keychains and mouse pads !”

Pharaonic Designs – High quality, custom made, men and women apparel.

PioClothing – “Power In One (PIO) opened to the world on October 15, 2011.  Our mission is to EMPOWER LIFESTYLES by igniting the fire within each one of us through fashion and and an idea.  Power In One (PIO) is the idea that you as an individual have the power to effect change within yourself, community and the world.”

RAMOMAR NY – “RAMOMAR NY uses art, fashion, culture, and history to reintroduce luxurious textiles and patterns revered in ancient times with a modern context; while  acknowledging their sacred function and meanings for a new generation.”

RBGTees –
PURPOSE – Too many times we’ve come across family members that either had no idea or a misconception of what the collective of red, black and green represents

GOAL – In the vein of the HBCU sweatshirts of the 90’s that influenced the youth to want to attend those universities – RBG Tees hopes to invoke the sense of pride that has been lost due to the illusion of inclusion, thus losing ground that was gained by previous generations in the battle for justice.

QUALITY–  RBG Tees is presented as an alternative to showing your pride without having cliches plasterd across your chest on cheap, promotional shirts by those just looking to make a buck.

Reel NAGAS – “Welcome to REEL NAGAS! The ACQUISITION & APPLICATION Of Knowledge Is True Power!!!”

What is and who are Reel Nagas? REEL = (A round or spherical object that things revolve around, such as the Sun. Also meaning to sway, swing or influence) NAGAS = (Sanskrit: serpent god or deity usually in the form of a cobra representing higher knowledge, enlightenment and wisdom). So Reel Nagas is and aims to be a Sun or Beacon for hidden knowledge wisdom and Overstanding!

Reel Naga’s Mission is to shine light on the Lost knowledge of melanated people and the world as a whole!    Read More  

Trap House Clothing – “The purpose of The T.R.A.P Guide Right Program is to improve the self-image of today’s youth, by developing and inspiring their future endeavors.  A Program built to develop leadership skills while mentoring, encouraging and promoting academic achievement.  T.R.A.P Foundation gives guidance, training, real life experiences and the influence of successful men and women to the disposal of the young men in the program. T.R.A.P Guide Right is a program of the educational and occupational guidance of youth, which reaches out to high school age young men. The program will help guide, organize and fund the entrepreneurial endeavors of today’s young men that take advantage of this program to start the practical leadership process.”   Read More  

Zo's T-Shirts & Books


BlackMastery Veronica Conway

In Black Mastery you will:

  • Assess exactly where you are now and find what really stops you in your tracks. This is an eye-opener!
  • Experience a powerful breakthrough that will transform your life – forever.
  • Uncover your limiting beliefs – and clear them OUT!
  • Activate a dynamic vision that you can actually feel, making it easier for you to stay on target!
  • Feel empowered as you create your own Action Plan and take real action toward sustainable, long-term success.
  • Program yourself to exude the confidence and charisma you need in order to take action!
  • Revolutionize your personal, work, and financial life.
  • Joyfully celebrate – as you experience yourself the Master of your own life!
  • And much more!



WYKAU WAM: THE GAME – “Wykau Wam is an acronym which means
What You Know About Us We All Matter. This is trivia game to help keep history alive by connecting people to their culture and personal interest. We encourage everyone to think about their purpose and to make a positive impact on their future.”
  Read More  


The Mooney Twins Wealth Portal   

NU Republic West – Accounting, Insurance, Lending, Credit

Taylor Insurance – “Taylor Insurance and Financial Services is a wealth management practice based in Pasadena, California. With a focus on estate planning, retirement solutions, and life insurance, we strive to find results that meet the needs of our clients, who range from high net worth individuals and families, to business owners, entertainers, and athletes.”   Read More  

Trusted Tax – “Established in 1995, Trusted Tax strives to provide small to medium-sized businesses and individuals with the highest quality services. But it’s not enough to simply supply you with reports and numbers, we work with you all year long to ensure you understand your financial position—better positioning you for success. We want to be your trusted partner in your journey!”

  Food and Drink

Juice C Juice “Our menu includes fresh fruit and veggie juices, non-dairy smoothies made with real fruit and sweeten with honey, pastries and other Light lunch and snack items.

Our inventory include books of all genres. We stock hard-to-find history and political conspiracy books, spiritual, autobiography, self-help, health and wellness and we are most proud of our variety of children books and teen reads. (food, restaurants)

We ship to loved ones in institutions and all around the world.”    Watch “The Best Juice Bar in LA” Video   

Kobikaya Coffee Why Vitamin Coffee?

   If you drink Kobikaya people will love you more. We can’t explain why, they just will.

   Some people eat right, some don’t. Some of us religiouisly excercise, and some of us religiously sit on the couch. Regardless, when you drink coffee, you deplete your body of certain vitamins. Now, with Kobikaya vitamin coffee, you get a boost of energy, and a boost of the stuff you need for that healthy lifestyle you’ve been planning…and planning, and planning. It’s motivation in a can.

   Toss that handful of generic supplements you bought from Central America, and grab a Kobikaya. We promise you will feel good, smile often, and get more done! And when you do that, people will love you more.”

Oui Juice – OUI JUICE is a Los Angeles-based juice delivery service that is dedicated to providing the highest quality ingredients for optimal health. We believe in helping people live a healthy balanced lifestyle, and create juices tailored to your personal health and fitness goals.

Panache Ganache – We strive to provide each customer with a professionally decorated custom cake.
– Our cakes are widely recognized as edible masterpieces, due to our unique personal and professional touch. All cakes are baked fresh using only the finest ingredients. We specialize in custom designing from the simplest small cake to highly elegant celebration and wedding cakes.
– Allow Panache Ganache to create the cake of your dreams. If you can’t find the design that you’re looking for, it’s only because we haven’t created it yet! Please browse our site, & call us to place an order for your next occasion.

Shepards Sweets – “our specialty candy and cakes, from a simple milk chocolate toffee crunch to our decadent sweet potato cake topped with or without walnuts.”

Total Package Energy – “Made with organic, pure, natural water from the holistic 7 Mountains of Pennsylvania, where the air is clean and the preferred mode of transportation for many is horse & buggy.Total Package is a natural choice for those seeking a no sugar, no carb energy shot. The bottle is individually hand-wrapped and the content has been given even greater attention. The ingredients have been approved by medical authorities (see recommendation in Testimonials). The taste is better than anything in its class; a clean, light and refreshing flavor experience, during and after consumption. The energy release is smooth, no jitters, no crash, just a seamless pickup to start, or carry on with your day or night.”

  Health Care – 

The Institute
“Founded in May of 1999, the Black AIDS Institute is the only national HIV/AIDS think tank focused exclusively on Black people. The Institute’s Mission is to stop the AIDS pandemic in Black communities by engaging and mobilizing Black institutions and individuals in efforts to confront HIV. The Institute interprets public and private sector HIV policies, conducts trainings, offers technical assistance, disseminates information and provides advocacy mobilization from a uniquely and unapologetically Black point of view.”

Our motto describes a commitment to self-preservation: “Our People, Our Problem, Our Solution.”

Emerge-Solutions Group – “MissionTo deliver extraordinary consulting services, staffing and support in the area of healthcare management.”

An initiative to take care of veterans – providing the solution to see that veterans connect with the right resources to receive medical coverage.

Udemy Booty Boxing –  “BOOTY BOXING: Burn 1300 Cal Per Workout – Sculpt Your Booty

  • Wanna Look Great In Jeans? Then you Have To Put The Twerk In! Shape Your Booty And Learn To Kick Butt In The Process!”

  Home Improvement

No-Clogg Plumbing  “No Clogg Plumbing has provided service in Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley since 1996 and grew out of the need for specialized drain cleaning. With a reputation for professional standards and quality workmanship, we have provided our clients with a single authority for all drainage problems.”   Free Consultation  


Cop Stop Guardian  Cop Stop Guardian is a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve as a third party mediator at traffic and police stops to help diffuse the tensions and miscommunication between driver and officer, and eventually prevent the many accidental deaths that result therefrom.

Pop Protocol   The Pull Over Protocol AKA POP is the strategic collaboration between pro-active civilians and local, regional & national law enforcement agencies in order to educate the general public through a dramatic crash-course of practical police pull-over procedures.


Easyboyweb  – a full service web solutions firm focused on creating a beautiful experience for your users.

James Martinez Media  

Life the Griot – “Life the Griot is a highly regarded poet, social worker, and author.  He is internationally revered for his infectious and heartfelt lyrics.  His poetry challenges listeners to raise the bar they have set for themselves, aspire for more and become forces for solutions in their environment.”

Mind Blowing Mobile – “We specialize in web, virtual, and mobile solutions. We are making mobile apps affordable and effective for small businesses. We design iPhone, iPad, HTML5, and Android app platforms that allow any small business to engage and retain customers and remain relevant in today’s competitive climate.” Read More

The Prose – “…We hope with Prose to build a home for writers and readers, a new social media whose lifeblood is words. To have and provide the opportunity for true readers and writers, aspiring and established, not just to remain, but to edify the world of reading and writing. To reclaim and restore the grace of the sentence, to push each other and ourselves, to hunger once again, for the word.”

Sean Nicholas Photography – Headshots, Seniors, Personal Projects, Wedding, Blog, Clients, Contact

Simon Vision Media – Our specialties include: Filming Private events, Weddings, Parties, Music videos, Interviews and Sports functions. We will create a pricing package specifically for your event.

(We edit RAW footage whether it be your home videos or production studios)


Ballztothewall by Truth – “If you are tired of corny ass lyrics and cookie-cutter production… If you like real Emcee’s, not that fake shit… If you want conscious, thought-provoking, masterful Hip-Hop.. Then, you have just hit the jackpot my friend! The Truth Goes Hard As Fuck!”

Album Notes

“This collection of songs is anti-venom.
– It is the antidote.
– Ballztothewall is the most important collection of conscious Hip-Hop songs to be assembled since the days of Public Enemy.
– Truth is a fearless wordsmith with a strong and masculine voice. He speaks clearly and cuts directly to the heart of the matter.
– In a world where Hip Hop music is a parade of cookie-cutter, misogynistic, criminals trapped in mental darkness… Truth is the light!”

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap: Hardcore Rap
Release Date: 2015

Astral Progressions by Josef Leimberg 

▲ Buy on bandcamp: https://worldgalaxyrecords.bandcamp.c…
▲ I tunes:…
▲ World Galaxy Records on BC:
▲ Alpha Pup on SC :

  Office Supplies

Arise Hospitality – Office Supplies (compare to Staples and Office Depot). (Office supplies)

Freedom Paper Company – “Freedom Paper Company LLC (FPC) is a privately owned distributor of bathroom tissue and other paper products headquartered in Baltimore Maryland. The company is unique from other corporations as it is born from the foundation of grassroots movement combined with the best of corporate culture and business acumen.”

  Personal Care

Via Skin Science – Skin care products for men and women. “VIA sole purpose is to first create healthy skin using raw ingredients that give brilliance”

  Real Estate

Nourmand – Nourmand & Associates Realtors

Sache Calloway Realtor – Located in Dallas | Email:


Train to Perform Hoops – “Train To Perform is a basketball skills training service dedicated to pushing players to level they did not know existed. ON and OFF the court!”


 Moor MVP Services – MVP Services is a small, family owned company, offering ‘for-hire’ assistance with securing a variety of entry visas for international travel. We offer affordable services to the traveler who has no time constraints on his/her destination, as well as provide ample assistance to those who are in need of more urgent travel deadlines. Expedited processing services are available; for a limited number of destinations. Read more 

FREE air promotions

Do you know someone who has a small and awesome small business and is in need of some FREE air promotions?

If so, Zo Williams, would like to give and highlight INTERESTING, inventive and amazing small minority business owners a chance to expose their upstart Business to his audience.

email Zo >>>

Zo WIlliams - Community Empowerment