5 L’s of a Successful Life

5 L’s of a Successful Life

By Robert Overstreet | 27 September 2013


1.  Lord: Protects, guides, and loves me unconditionally.

a.  Have faith in the Lord: Know that what you ask may not be what you “need” or “need right now”. It is God’s timing. I pray for the strength, support, and guidance to endure and learn from my challenges (lessons placed before me) so that I will continue to grow into a better person.
b.  Have faith in yourself with the challenges / struggles placed before you; you, with faith in the lord will endure and come out stronger on the other side.

c. Continue to work hard where you are; be kind, positive, and respectful.
d. “You can never have too much Faith.” Billionaire P.A.

2.  Love: Love with an open heart and open mind and most importantly, unconditionally. I have met amazing and interesting people in this world.

3.  Learn to:

a. ..become a better person.
b.  use the love in your open heart and mind to, always be willing to talk with anyone. “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” People may dress in a different style than you would choose for yourself; they are every bit as valuable as everyone else is. We learn by receiving from people, books, etc. of different information and backgrounds. Step outside of your comfort zone and learn new things.

Everyone has a story. You will be surprised what a person’s background is and their life experiences. You cannot tell by appearance. One of their life experiences may cause you to rethink one of your behaviors or reevaluate how you look at something in your life.

c.  challenge your thought processes and knowledge.

4.  Laugh:

a.  Laugh heartily and often, Humor is relaxing and reduces stress.
b.  When you can laugh at yourself your ego no longer controls you..

5.  Live: with passion and purpose. Live life to the fullest. Live with so much gratitude in your heart, it bursts thru your face in the form of a smile. Embrace and enjoy everything and everyone who comes across your path.

Best things in life are free. Worldly possessions are temporary happiness. Let your happiness come from within. When you no longer desire anything and appreciate what you have, you will feel peace.

When was the last time you were so quiet, you felt your heart beat?

a.  Enjoy the simple things.
b.  Count your blessings.
c.  Spend time in the beauty of God’s creation.

i.  Take a walk or take a drive thru the back roads. (No camping required) Drive far enough out of the city to a back woods location
ii.  When I take a road trip, I drive state highways and venture down country roads, which is a great way to see god’s country. Use your GPS to navigate to a state park, lake, campground, or marina. I have stumbled upon some secluded quiet spots overlooking a lake.
iii.  Put the technical devices away, breathe in slowly, exhale slowly, walk around, and / or sit down, and listen to your heart. Enjoy the beauty of God’s creation and feel the connection with the universe.

d.  Enjoy all the good times life brings. Enjoy and embrace all the “ups and downs” of life; every experience in front of you is for the opportunity for your soul to grow. Embrace the downs because the downs make you stronger and provide you a greater appreciation for the up times.

Summary: Have faith in the Lord and yourself, Love everyone, Learn from everyone and every opportunity, Laugh at yourself and refrain from taking life too seriously and finally, Live in connection with God’s creation for us. Feel your heartbeat and know that we are all connected. 

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