5 P’s of a Successful Life

By Robert Overstreet | 20 September 2013

PositivethoughtsandactionsSuccessful people have learned that living a life not passion and purpose filled leads to a life that is less than fulfilling. And not up to your potential. In addition, you are less than energized to work hard. It takes a team of people to help fulfill your passion and purpose. When you are not up to your best, you attract less than the best people in your life.

1.  Passion: Find your Passion; what excites you? What motivates you? What is your dream? Your dream is as valuable as everyone else’s’ dream. What do you truly want to do with your life? If you could live your life every day doing something of your choice AND receive a paycheck for doing what you love, what would your choice be?

2.  Purpose: Live your Purpose; thru your passion, listen to your inner voice, your heart and your soul. This will guide you towards your purpose. What do you want the results of your Passion to be?

3.  Plan: Make a Plan. Successful people know it takes hard work and discipline to live your passion. Now that you know what motivates you, and what you want to do, what is your plan to get you where you want to be? Does you plan require a different educational skill set? Do you need more training? Do you need to relocate to another part of the country / world? Be willing to make the changes and steps necessary to achieve living your passion.

a.  FAITH: whatever and wherever you passion requires, have faith in yourself that you CAN and WILL achieve.

b.  HARD WORK: when you live your passion, something that you love and enjoy, it is not work. To another person it may look like hard work, to you it is the simple joy and pleasure and motivation for getting up every day.

c.  EXECUTE: once you know your passion and your purpose, you MUST develop a plan and EXECUTE a plan to achieve your DREAMS and GOALS.

4.  Positive Mindset: Live with a Positive Mindset. Whatever your passion, purpose, and plan, always accept challenges, including your failures, gracefully and with a positive mindset. Have faith in God and believe in yourself. Failures are a part of being successful, take time to learn from your failures and they will become stepping-stones to your successes.

5.  People: Live with a giving spirit and put other people first. We are all in this world together and we all fly higher as when we help each other. Appreciate and most importantly tell and show people you appreciate them. More people will be willing to help you in return.

a.  We have no idea of a person’s background and if we knew, we would have a better understanding as to why they react the way they do. Judge less, listen and empathize more.

b.  Your 5 best friends will determine where you will be in the future. Do they support your growth? Do they uplift you? Evaluate the people you spend time with and make any adjustments necessary with people in your life. Want to fly higher, surround yourself with people who are flying higher than you are and are living the 5 P’s.

Summary: Having a passion and purpose without a plan is like driving a car without a steering wheel. A Plan is valuable so you will be able to achieve living your passion. Success comes with many failures along the way. Having faith in God and yourself keeps you strong. Believing in yourself, and saying YES I CAN and YES I WILL is very important keeping you focused. Treat all people with kindness and respect. You will be surprised how many good people are in the world and that want to see you succeed. Invest in other people without expectation of them helping you and you will be amazed how much in return you will receive.

Positive Living