Managing Stress

Guidance for Managing the Stress in Your Life

Stress is normal and our levels of stress will fluctuate depending on what is going on in our lives. We DO have the ability to learn to manage stress. When stress is left unmanaged and uncontrolled, it can lead to health problems.

I am not a professional in the subject, nor a licensed doctor. There are many great resources from licensed professionals. I will let the professionals who have already done a beautiful job of defining and walking you through stress management help you.

The following is a list of professional sites with great resources I recommend to learn more about stress and how to manage stress:

How I Personally Manage Stress

As we progress thru our day, there are issues that will challenge our positive energy and increase our stress levels. The following issues have crossed my path. Select each one to read more how I have learned to apply positive energy towards each issue, remain kind, and respectful to other people.